In 2010, John Thackwray started his long-term photographic project, the “My Room Project”. The concept is simple: photographing young men and women who were born in the 80’s and 90’s, in the places they sleep, all around the world, and interviewing them about lifestyle, local issues, education, religion, or love.

It naturally started with John’s friends in Paris, and little by little the project became bigger. More than a thousand candidates from 55 countries have already participated.  Some are rich, some are poor, some live in a traditional way, while some choose the modern lifestyle From a Buddhist temple of Nepal to a Native American  reservation, from a jail in Mexico to Palestinian refugee camps, John is documenting different lifestyle everywhere.

All these photographs are a testimony to the world that surrounds us. Combining visual anthropology and social photography, this conscious project make us aware of the diversity of lifestyles, destruction of our traditions and the rise of inequalities.